ACTRA names Amanda Tapping 2015 Woman of the Year
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Honour bestowed in celebration of International Women’s Day

ACTRA is shining the spotlight on Amanda Tapping, ACTRA National’s 2015 Woman of the Year. ACTRA bestows this honour on a member who excels in both her artistic and advocacy achievements.

“Amanda Tapping is a highly regarded actor, director and producer,” said ACTRA National President Ferne Downey. “She is so multi-talented that she has become a source of inspiration to all the women in Canada’s extensive TV, film and digital community. Amanda dove into the digital world early and is now recognized as a phenomenal trailblazer. Her brilliant work as a humanitarian is far reaching and powerful.”

Amanda is well known for her role as Samantha Carter on the science fiction TV series Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate: Universe. She is the star and executive producer of Sanctuary, the first Canadian web series to make the jump to TV. Amanda has earned four Leo Awards for Best Actress, has been nominated for two Gemini Awards and four Saturn Awards and won the 2005 Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress. She played Naomi in the TV series Supernatural and is a recurring character on Package Deal. Her recent film roles include Taken Back, Random Acts of Romance, Hell in a Handbag and Space Milkshake. Amanda received a Best Director Leo Award nomination for Stargate: SG-1 and her recent TV directing credits include Primeval: New World, Arctic Air, Continuum, Strange Empire, Olympus and Dark Matter.

Amanda’s charitable foundation “Sanctuary for Kids” has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for causes both worldwide and locally in Vancouver. She supports numerous charities such as The Coast Foundation, a support agency for people with mental disabilities, The Canadian Cancer Society, UNICEF and V-Day by performing in The Vagina Monologues to help end violence against women and girls worldwide. Amanda has been honored with the “Woman of Vision” Award by Women in Film and Television, received the YWCA Women of Distinction “Connecting the Community” Award and was recently awarded the Jules Verne Award in Paris for her humanitarian work. She works with Women in Film and Television as a mentor for young women in the industry as well as being on the women’s advocacy committee.


Congratulations Amanda! This is so exciting!

New Article + New Amanda Projects!
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She is often referred to as the Grand Empress of Sci-fi after nabbing starring roles in TV series such as Sanctuary, Supernatural and, most significantly, the Stargate franchise.

But before her appearance at Oz ComicCon this weekend, Canadian actress and director Amanda Tapping will just be a normal mum taking her family on a quick holiday around Perth.

On her first visit to WA, Tapping flew in a few days early with husband Alan Kovacs and nine-year-old daughter Olivia to experience some of the State’s best sights before the madness of the event takes over tomorrow at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

“We are going to explore,” the star tells AAA. “We are going to take the train into *Fremantle * and wander around there.”

Despite her fame from playing Samantha Carter in Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis for more than 10 years, Tapping was initially nervous at the thought of appearing at her first fan convention several years ago.

But she was soon enchanted with the idea of people coming together from all around the world based on a mutual love for the sci-fi genre.

“The fandom is so socially connected and socially aware and that blows my mind,” Tapping says. “I love going to England and seeing people who have come from Egypt to meet their friend from New Jersey.”

Her dedicated support base around the world has also proved a platform for Tapping to spread messages about her charity Sanctuary for Kids, which aims to help children in crises including an orphanage in Nepal, a school in Haiti and homeless teens in her home town of Vancouver.

“The fans have taken up the mantle of this charity beyond my wildest dreams,” the 48-year-old says. “It’s crazy, fantastic and very humbling what people have done for us.”

As soon as she returns to Canada, Tapping will jump into filming a comedy sitcom and will then direct several episodes for what she calls the “next big sci-fi extravaganza”, Olympus. And though she admits her work on Stargate is now in the past, she would “never say never” to the right follow-up.

“There is still an opportunity for a cool Stargate movie that pools together all the series from the franchise,” Tapping says.

The West Australian

SG1 Unleashed Interview
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SG Gaming info has posted an awesome interview Amanda about the SG1 Unleased game! Check it out below

Episode two of the game is released next month!

Amanda New Chief Navigator for HEUFT
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During Drinktect 2013, HEUFT announced that Amanda is the new Chief Navigator for the InLine IXS!

The highlight was Amanda Tapping a star of the tech-savvy science fiction scene: she is Colonel Dr Samantha Carter an astrophysicist specialising in particle research in the TV series Stargate. And at HEUFT she is the new Chief Navigator who shows the user step by step what has to be done when and where in order to reliably detect even the smallest foreign objects in empty and full containers as well as numerous other quality defects in drinks packaging and to increase the efficiency of complete filling lines.

For this reason HEUFT integrated Amanda’s avatar in the intuitively understandable user guidance of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II series and invited the well-known actress, director and producer to drinktec 2013 in Munich. Consequently the visitors to the exhibition could experience her personally and not just virtually.

You can read more about the InLine IXS and Amanda’s involvement here!
I have also added 4 images from DrinkTec 2013 to the gallery.

Amanda Tapping set to attend Asylum 12 Convention
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Rogue Events, the powerhouse behind huge conventions like the recent Teen Wolf’s based con, Wolfs Bane, is presenting another Supernatural based convention called Asylum 12 and it’s set for May 16-18, 2014.

Amanda was recently confirmed as a guest! She’ll be joined by Supernatural co-stars Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard as well as other Supernatural fan favorites!

We are pleased to announce our next guest for ASYLUM 12 is Amanda Tapping. Currently plays Naomi on the TV series. Probably best known for portraying Samantha Carter in the Canadian-American military science fiction television series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis and as Helen Magnus in the Syfy Channel series Sanctuary

Tickets are now on sale here. Photo ops and panels will be announced at a later date.

‘Supernatural’ Season 8: Finale Preview
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Three episodes remain in Season 8 of “Supernatural,” and as we approach the finale, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will meet Metatron (Curtis Armstrong), face the final trial and, presumably, be caught in a showdown with Crowley (Mark Sheppard), Naomi (Amanda Tapping), or both. All in a day’s work for our long-suffering Winchesters.

To preview the last three episodes, The Huffington Post spoke with showrunner Jeremy Carver about the last trial, Naomi’s plans, Castiel’s (Misha Collins) dilemma and how traumatic the “Supernatural” Season 8 finale will be. Check out what he had to say below.

Did his rebellion against Naomi break the last of her control over him, or is her brainwashing a lingering problem for him?
That’s a lingering thing, as is the character of Naomi herself in terms of what she’s really all about and what she’s up to. That’s something that we explore in this final run as well.

Obviously, she helped the boys out with freeing Bobby’s soul from Crowley, and made her best pitch to Dean in terms of how helpful she is, so can we expect an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of situation with the Winchesters against Crowley?
You’re fishing in the right pond there. I think [Naomi’s] intentions and her motivations have been intentionally opaque in terms of what she’s really after. I think folks are going to be surprised up to the last minute in terms of how really to think about Naomi and what she really wants.

For more for the season finale, head over to HuffingtonPost

The Rush: April 9th Captures
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Amanda appeared again alongside friends Fiona Forbes and Robin Dunne on yesterday’s livesteam episode of The Rush on ShawTV. I’ve got the segment captures in abundance so hopefully you’ll all find what you’re looking for. There’s been a lot of Amanda news these last few days and only more to come.

I’m still waiting on news from CTV about her Motive appearance as well as keeping an eye out for any photos they may release of that, a new project was announced, Supernatural’s coming to a close in a few weeks so we’ve got a lot to look forward to over the summer in terms of Amanda fun!

Also, we got some super shady and vague answers in terms of any future Sanctuary projects (mwahah) so stay tuned in case something happens with that.

Amanda Tapping boards Arctic Air with a Wealthy Barber
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For her highly anticipated turn at the helm of Arctic Air, sci-fi icon Amanda Tapping was tasked with wrangling a dragon.

And not just any dragon: Tapping directed David Chilton, author of Canada’s all-time best-selling book (The Wealthy Barber) and the newest investor on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, in the penultimate episode of the second season of Arctic Air (April 10).

Chilton’s appearance on the hit CBC drama wasn’t the result of any network-dictated cross-promotion. “I asked,” said Chilton in a recent phone interview. “I love Arctic Air.”

Chilton has but one previous acting credit to his name. “I played the undertaker in Oliver! when I was in Grade 12, and I was told that it was one of the worst performances ever given,” he said. Thus, Chilton made sure he brought his A-game to Arctic Air — even though the role wasn’t too far out of his range. “I was method acting myself,” said Chilton of his cameo appearance, which is set following a Wealthy Barber seminar.

It was her time behind the camera on Arctic Air that was truly restorative for Tapping’s confidence, which, as Tapping shared with WE back in January, had been shaken after Sanctuary went off the air in early 2012. “When I finished Arctic Air, I could not have been happier,” said Tapping.

As for Chilton, if he gets his way, CBC viewers will be seeing him all over the schedule. “I want to go in and do Peter Mansbridge’s job one night,” he jokes.

Arctic Air airs Wednesdays at 9:00pm on CBC.

Via WEVancouver

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